Goldendoodle: Goldendoodle Owners Bible by Susanne Saben

This an informative and knowledgeable book on the Goldendoodle breed written by Susanne Saben with pictures provided which is helpful. 
The book is broken into ten chapters with subsections m. A person does not necessarily have to read the book entirely to get they information they want or need. The first four chapters prepares the reader interested in the breed with history and origin of the Goldendoodle, types of Goldendoodle, how to find the right breeder, and how to choose your Goldendoodle.
The information in finding the right breeder was an eye opener for myself. A good breeder personally screens families or individuals looking to buy a puppy (Saben, 2017, pg. 43). This was an eye opener for myself who was always interested in buying the pure breed Golden Retriever. There is also a list of advantages and disadvantages in adopting a Goldendoodle or rescuing one. The common disadvantage I seen was the lack of knowing the dogs entire history.
The first half of the book would be for the background so the reader can become inform and choose what is best for them and their home. The second half is once you get your Golden noodle the steps to take to implement your dog into the family.
This is a book I will use as a future reference and I highly recommend it! 
Buy your copy today!!! 

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