29 Years: A poetic journey through a depressed and anxious mind

I enjoyed this collection of poetry because it takes you into a mind of an individual that suffered from anxiety and depression. I did not think the commentary at the end of many of the poems were necessary. Especially when it was one sentence of commentary. I also noticed some poems did not have commentary. If that was a theme in the book. At the end of each poem should have author commentary. I also wish the poems were in chronological order for the reader to better experience the journey with the author. The reader will read a poem that was at age 25 and the next poem the author was either younger or older. Often times at the end of a poem you still did not know what age the author was at the time with the commentary. I am not for sure if that was done on purpose or not. I would had enjoyed the book more if it started from the age of 14 up until 43.

I noticed throughout the book the author would mention he was high when he wrote the poem. I am all about whatever gets your creative juices flowing. It was mentioned a couple of times. It brought to my attention and in my opinion it was not needed. Unless in the introduction it was noted some of the poems he wrote he was high during the time. It would had allowed the poet to not comment about it at the end of some of his poems.

The author went through a series of challenges in his life. One challenge I noticed in particular was regarding women. A lot of the poems were about love and taking a chance on love. Some poems express how love sucked because he still has not found the “one”. I noticed an individual initialed LW received a lot of poems about her. It goes to show poetry is for the heart and it pulls on those strings. Those strings that are pulled are expressed so others can hear the poet’s heart.

I gave this book 4 stars because I enjoyed the overall concept of the book. I enjoyed the metaphors in the book and the metaphors relating to his anxiety, depression, and longing for love. I enjoyed that this book targets individuals who will get exactly where the author is coming from. I highly recommend this book a short read and will have you wanting to read more of CGS work.

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