What my Mother Doesn’t Know? (poem)

Disclaimer: Not base on actual events but hits close to home. My raw feelings at that point in time.  

Listen to the poem on my author page:


What My Mother Doesn’t Know?
Mother of mine degenerate, there in the presence of her own home

I was supposed to be noticed and cry into her flannelled arms

But, she did not really understand what was going on in my life remembering a time when she told me everything will be alright
Mother of mine where were you when times were rough

When I needed the gift of a mother’s love when I got dump by my first love

Were you there to mend the pieces to my broken heart?

No, you were not there, not there to give any affection at all a kiss on a cheek or a great big hug
You have these hideous fights with Dad almost every night

Sit up in your room watch TV and cry yourself to sleep at night

I practically do not even notice you’re there silhouetted against the paper-thin walls

Embarrassed to even think the neighbors heard you two at all

Surreptitiously I sneak out the house at times dodging my way through the streets to a more stable home at night
You two used to be so in love

What happened to us?

What happened to us all?

It is distinct that the love went away

Where did it go?

I hope not in deceit
I hate you for not loving me enough

I hate you for not caring enough

I hate you for the loss of a mother

Where did she go? 

Where did you go?
Mom shows interest when I go out with a boy, just to be concerned I will not get pregnant and out of control

I hope she knows me better than that

I hope she knows I am more than that
I hate you for not listening to me

I hate you for not talking to me

I hate you for this disconnected relationship
But, I cannot hate you no matter how hard I want to

All I do is want to love you

All I do is want you to love me

Please get out of that room and spend some time with me

This is what my mother does not know

The true feelings of a daughter’s aching heart



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