​​Listen to the poem ‘Virginity’ at

A sacred place inside of me that is a part of my soul

Many secrets which it holds purer than anything which I behold

Left inside a temple locked up in a cage

Many keys trying to enter inside they want to unlock the door that leads to the treasure

The holiest thing ever given to me

I am like the nectar from the flower which the bee holds just waiting to be turn into sweet honey

Something they believe is pure gold just waiting to be unfold

I am the prey and they are my predators ready to make its next move ready to pounce any second
I outwit them every time with my classy moves and flawless ways
I always seem to get out their way

They want to be the first to take me into their capture

They want to be the first to take the most sacred thing given to me

My virginity

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Thank you for listening! 


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