‘Mind, Body, and Soul of a Teenage Intellect’

Why the title?


That has been my title since the day I knew I wanted to publish my work of poetry. This work of poetry is from my adolescence days. The age range from 12 to 19. I consider hitting 20 I am no longer a “teenager,” I am now entering the adult world.

I used writing as a way to escape my reality. I used writing as a way to escape my pain. Everyone goes through different levels of pain. All my days were not bad. I had more good days than bad. When I had bad days they were so terrible I often thought.

“Why am I here.”

“Why do I exist.”

“What is my life purpose.”

I made my purpose through journal writing, poetry, and lyrics. I would create a beat in my head and create music. I was not the best singer. I can hold a tune. By me not showing people at a young age my talent. I withhold a lot of things back that by now with hard work I would had been successful. Everything happens for a reason and we all have different seasons to shine. I decided that now it is my time and it is my season. I do not expect anything to happen fast. Everything takes time and we are living in a big world but so small.

When I wrote as a teenager. I was often so frustrated I would curse a lot or say things off the rocker. I had to express my anger. I had to let it out no matter how crazy at that time it may had sound.

I will never apologize for my feelings.

At the time when I felt those things that is how I felt. Writing was my outlook. Writing was my way to escape. I often look back on the poetry I write and think to myself.

“What the hell was I thinking?”

“Shanet you were tripping.!”

The only thing I can say about that is…YES! I was out of my creative damn mind. I talked about love, death, family, friends, life, anything I could think of I wrote about. Even if sometimes it did not make any sense to me why I was writing these things. The poetry I laugh at the most is my puppy love days of being so “in love.”

I had a pregnancy dream 01/03/2017. The day of my release date. I know it is not because I am pregnant. I am good off of that until I am done doing what I have to do. My main focus is my success so my kids will also be successful. I know the pregnancy dream was about me giving birth to all the new goals I will accomplish this year. I am ready to embrace 2017 with all the positive vibes it will bring me and the moments that I will make with all my family, friends, and supporters. I love you all!

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