Goldendoodle: Goldendoodle Owners Bible by Susanne Saben

This an informative and knowledgeable book on the Goldendoodle breed written by Susanne Saben with pictures provided which is helpful. 
The book is broken into ten chapters with subsections m. A person does not necessarily have to read the book entirely to get they information they want or need. The first four chapters prepares the reader interested in the breed with history and origin of the Goldendoodle, types of Goldendoodle, how to find the right breeder, and how to choose your Goldendoodle.
The information in finding the right breeder was an eye opener for myself. A good breeder personally screens families or individuals looking to buy a puppy (Saben, 2017, pg. 43). This was an eye opener for myself who was always interested in buying the pure breed Golden Retriever. There is also a list of advantages and disadvantages in adopting a Goldendoodle or rescuing one. The common disadvantage I seen was the lack of knowing the dogs entire history.
The first half of the book would be for the background so the reader can become inform and choose what is best for them and their home. The second half is once you get your Golden noodle the steps to take to implement your dog into the family.
This is a book I will use as a future reference and I highly recommend it! 
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29 Years: A poetic journey through a depressed and anxious mind

I enjoyed this collection of poetry because it takes you into a mind of an individual that suffered from anxiety and depression. I did not think the commentary at the end of many of the poems were necessary. Especially when it was one sentence of commentary. I also noticed some poems did not have commentary. If that was a theme in the book. At the end of each poem should have author commentary. I also wish the poems were in chronological order for the reader to better experience the journey with the author. The reader will read a poem that was at age 25 and the next poem the author was either younger or older. Often times at the end of a poem you still did not know what age the author was at the time with the commentary. I am not for sure if that was done on purpose or not. I would had enjoyed the book more if it started from the age of 14 up until 43.

I noticed throughout the book the author would mention he was high when he wrote the poem. I am all about whatever gets your creative juices flowing. It was mentioned a couple of times. It brought to my attention and in my opinion it was not needed. Unless in the introduction it was noted some of the poems he wrote he was high during the time. It would had allowed the poet to not comment about it at the end of some of his poems.

The author went through a series of challenges in his life. One challenge I noticed in particular was regarding women. A lot of the poems were about love and taking a chance on love. Some poems express how love sucked because he still has not found the “one”. I noticed an individual initialed LW received a lot of poems about her. It goes to show poetry is for the heart and it pulls on those strings. Those strings that are pulled are expressed so others can hear the poet’s heart.

I gave this book 4 stars because I enjoyed the overall concept of the book. I enjoyed the metaphors in the book and the metaphors relating to his anxiety, depression, and longing for love. I enjoyed that this book targets individuals who will get exactly where the author is coming from. I highly recommend this book a short read and will have you wanting to read more of CGS work.

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Dirty Laundry – A True Story: From the Streets to an Executive One Man’s Forty Year Journey- By Ivan Von Baublitz

This book gives you different outlooks on life. It gives you different backgrounds on people that some may never come across in their life. Ivan’s creative way to incorporate his birthday January 20th, 1969 which happens to be Nixon’s inauguration date spoke volumes in this book. Nixon started the war on drugs. Ivan was a part of a society where he seen both sides of the spectrum. He still had white privilege despite growing up poor. Despite having the odds stacked against him and at times worse than his counterparts. He still realized that he can integrate into society without them knowing his background. I noticed in the book as well that some poor whites still felt they were better than poor blacks. That was base on the language from different characters presented in the book.

We cannot choose our families. Sometimes we are dealt a bad hand in life. It is up to us to see our “favor.” A word used throughout the book on knowing ones purpose in life. That no matter what obstacles are thrown in our way we can defeat them. Ivan you are a survivor and this book of dirty laundry is your truth. Only you know your truth and will truly understand your truth. This book despite the struggle had beauty in it. In the words of J.Cole “There is beauty in the struggle ugliness in the success.” You have seen the beauty in the struggle and the ugliness in success. From being a ward of the state, homeless and poor, poor in the hood, to a corporate man over the course of over 40 years.

I highly recommend this book. I gave this book five stars for a reason. Even if there are grammar issues it did not bother me because this book is real. At times I was like “wow it is crazy what some of us endure in life.” There were moments in the book I laughed because of Ivan’s humor. Some parts of the book I cried and even flinched at the pain. Throughout the book of Ivan’s life I wanted him to keep overcoming. The little moments of the book when he seen favor made me so happy. It goes to show that even in the darkest of nights there is still light.

This book is like no other autobiography I ever read. I will re-read the book because it was that good. I love raw emotional books despite to others who never experience anything in their life might find it “negative” or “depressing.” There is light in this book, those who get it will see it. We sometimes make decisions in our life we know are not good. Everything Ivan that you went through was for a reason. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and sharing your dirty laundry with us. I hope that it gives you some peace that you are starting to clean your load. I cannot wait to read more from you. I cannot wait until you do decide to make this book into a film. The strong presence of Nixon and the connection to your upbringing is phenomenal.


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Check this awesome book review out by Cierra!!! Appreciate her honest feedback. My next collections will be even better! I am glad you enjoyed it! This helps me a lot because I know from teenage years into now my young adult years I have improved. I want others to see the improvement as well as the topics changed a lot of course. Entering young womanhood I am experiencing being married and having kids at a younger age than many of my counterparts. I will continue to keep writing and becoming more inspiring.


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Ode to Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman

I wrote this poem in January 2017. Saartjie was weighing heavy on my mind. I became inspired to write down my thoughts on her life. I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate feedback. I changed a lot of what I had in the beginning.


Ode to Saartijie “Sarah” Baartman

If only you knew how beautiful you were

That your large hips, backside, elongated labia lips, and enlarged lips

Are what some females these days go under the knife for

That you were not โ€œdeformed.โ€

God blessed you with your curvaceous body

That you were over-sexualized for

That the Europeans obsessed and called you inferior for

You left your home Mother Africa to Europe under false pretense


If only you knew everything that glitters is not gold

That a personโ€™s word to you is not always their bond

That trust is limited in a world were imperialism was rampant

That exploitation for land, resources, and people was in high demand

Exhibited in freak shows as an attraction

They labeled you as โ€œHottentot Venus.โ€

A Greek God of fertility you were referred as

African Queen you are!

African Goddess you are!

An African woman taken advantage


If only you knew how strong you were

How intelligent you were

You traveled all over exposed to various cultures

Beside your native language fluent in Dutch, French, and English

You christened yourself at the Manchester Cathedral 1811

Maybe you felt this was the only way to cleanse your burden

That God would save you from hurting


1814 then that French man brought you as his slave during one of your exhibitions

You underwent even more inhumane treatment

You were treated as a guinea pig

Scientific studies because you had a body that European women did not have

Painted in exaggeration

Curiosity of what they do not know so their confusion made them hateful

That dehumanization of a person can leave you depressed

You became a heavy drinker to suppress the feelings

To drink all the troubles away


You became the lifestyle by force

You even sold your body for work

Even though you said you were getting share profits

That profit was non-existent

You survived on the scraps you were given

Your life was cut short at 26

At 26 you perished alone


The cause is unknown

Inflammatory disease, syphilis then prevalent

Alcoholism is real

Depression trying to cope with the life you were living

How could you rest in power?

France after your demise felt as if they still owned you


Cuvier dissect your body because you were his hobby

He took your brain and genitals out

Your skeleton was on displayed

Your remains were pickled in jars in the name of โ€œscience.โ€

Your remains were exhibited in a Paris museum until 1974

It was fought for you to come back home to South Africa

The public outcry to return your soul home

To be laid at rest finally in 2002

May you rest in power African Queen


Saartjie โ€œSarahโ€ Baartman

If only you knew how beautiful you were

That Khoikhoi still ran through your blood

That your physique is now something many adorn

That you did not have to go through the pain alone

What you went through then some women now do by choice

That you were made to believe you were inferior

When in truth what God had given you was superior


That kinky hair

Sun kissed brown skin

Those hips, butt, and plumped lips

A master piece in which God created

Your creation will never be tainted

Your image will never be in vain

Your anguish and the fear you faced

The strength you showed in your last days

If only you knew how great you were