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I unfortunately slacked off again from my natural hair blog. I honestly haven’t really been doing anything new. I am still sticking to water only washing. I use very few products. I have some Cantu leave in left over. I use that from time to time. I still use oils on my hair. I am trying to slowly steer away from relying on product altogether.

Anyways back to what I wanted to actually discuss. I have a B.A. in human development with a concentration in psychology and M.S. in mental health counseling. Just in case anyone wanted to know my credentials. I thought I should do an advice column. To anyone looking for any advice with no judgement. Email your anonymous letters to

The letters will be posted on my author blog and readers can chip in as well.

I hope to hear from you soon. I am ready for those letters!

One more poem to go

For me as a writer/poet. It can be hard coming up with a poem. Sometimes I have a burst of ideas. Other times a dry spell occurs. I am working at my own pace and what the universe attends for me to be the right time. I wanted my upcoming third poetry book be out last year on Valentine’s day. As you can see life takes its own course. My book just was not ready yet. I had to revamp everything. From the book being third instead of second.

There were overall major changes from leaving a job to finish internship, school, pregnancy (still pregnant until February 2018) publisher changes, living situation, and then finally graduating with my MS in Mental Health Counseling. Throughout the changes balancing my writing I did what I could in between time. I tried to get as much inspiration as possible.

I am happy that I just need one more burst of inspiration. One more poem away to complete my third poetry book. It will be different than the past two books. It is not a reflection of my life. It is inspired by the nympho in us all.

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My poetry is not for everyone and that is okay…

Shit happens.

Yeah, it does. It is okay. I view certain situations as a blessing in disguise. I was recently let go from my publishing company back in July. That was two months after sending my upcoming book for edits and a book cover. Also, around the time I was on the cover of UBAWA July 2017 magazine for Urban Authors. Everything happens within time. Within time I found out many of my pen sisters are no longer with the publisher as well. That is because…

Shit happens!

I am republished under CreateSpace (self-published) for my print book and my e-book is mine completely. I will be buying an ISBN for the print copy (important to buy your own ISBNs). My 2nd book is released as well. I am super excited because I feel like it is my time. During my time under my previous publishing company. I learned a lot. I learned what it takes to become a successful writer. It was harder than what I expected. I went through 3 editors. Despite that I still found issues that could be fixed with my writing. It was a bit tedious. I found something wrong every time I would read it over again. I also I had to remember. This is my voice starting at the age of 12. Of course, there will be grammatical and spelling errors. Of course, there will be slang I do not even use now.

My writing is not for everyone and that is okay! 

I was not placed on this earth to please everyone. I was here to fulfill my purpose in this fucked up world. This world full of such craziness it is often beautiful. I know my poetry will not be for everyone’s taste buds. I am fine with that. That is because I wrote my truth. I wrote my pain at a time when I was at my lowest. At a time, I was going through hormones that all adolescents will go through. I write for the young people who can relate right now and for those who can relate even still because they were that boy or girl.

It is important for writers to know that is okay for a reader to not like your book. It is okay for a reader to not get it. The most important thing is there will be many more who will get. There are readers out there that will understand than the few who do not. I noticed people will write a 1-star review on your book just because Amazon “messed up.” To me that is absurd! Please leave the Amazon complaints to Amazon the book needs honest reviews. It just goes to show some people are just never satisfied. That is okay. Your writing is for you and for those who will enjoy your mind. Your mind is beautiful, and someone deserves to read it.

Thank you for reading


Shanet O.

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New Music from SUNSQUABI- ‘Dexter’ (feat. Nick Gerlach)

SunSquabi is an Electric-Hydro Funk is a trio band based out of Boulder, Colorado. The members of the group consist of Chris Anderson: Drums, Josh Fairman : Bass/Synth Kevin Donohue and Guitar/Keys/Production. The trio is currently signed with GRiZ’s All Good Records with a debut “Odyssey” in 2016 and now “Deluxe EP” coming in late Spring 2017. They are already created a name for themselves with 2016 being their breakout year. They are currently touring nationwide.
This bands unique instrumentals will sure to get you dancing on your feet. With their latest release March 15th, 2017, Dexter (feat. Nick Gerlach). The feature artist Nick Gerlach is on the saxophone which gives the song a jazz flavor. The song will take you on five minute and 35 second Hydro Funk journey you have yet to experience. Their sound is truly unique and will have first time listeners wanting more of their electric energy. You can hear the soul, jazz, and rock all entwine into one.  The song is available on Soundcloud with over 63K plays, 4K likes, and 1K retweets. The song is available on Soundcloud with over 63K plays, 4K likes, and 1K retweets.